Pecker Cam

John Water's Pecker is one of my favorite films. In fact, the fictitious character is one of my influences as a photographer. He's got the right attitude. Anyway, I recently re-watched it and realized that I had to have the same kind of camera as Pecker. I did a Google search and found out that the Canonet is actually a pretty hip and usable camera. The Canon Canonet is a rangefinder 35mm camera produced from 1960 - 1972. It came in a few configurations, but the most appealing model is the QL 17, which has a pretty fast and sharp 1.7 lens, as well as a quick loading film configuration. It's got a nice aperture priority mode, but is easy to get into manual mode, as well. The light meter only works in aperture priority, though, which is fine by me. I was a little excited and disappointed to find that the image quality is in the same ballpark as my leicas. Sure, not as sharp, but sharp enough.

These cameras are pretty cheap (especially if you like Leicas) and can be found on ebay for as little as $50, but there are a few guys on ebay who buy these cameras, refurbish them and re sell them with a warranty. That's what I did and I would recommend it.