Jose Villa Workshop

If you don’t know of Jose Villa’s work then you should stop reading this and take a look at his work right now. He’s an amazing talented photographer who shoots mostly weddings and kids. I think that the challenge of weddings for a photographer is to make images that appeal to people beyond the couple, their family and guests. Jose’s images are so stunning that they transcend their original use, like Richard Avedon, Irving Penn or Annie Leibovitz’s commercial work. In terms of technique, Jose shoots all film, mostly with a medium format Contax 645. He tends to overexpose his images by at least one stop to add a bit of pastel like softness to the images. Anyway, if you are not a photographer then I’ll not bore you with more technical stuff and if you are a photographer then you should take one of his workshops, as I just did one month ago today. Jose lives in the wine country near Santa Barbara, where the light and the scenery is beautiful. The workshop was about six hours of discussion on everything from technique to marketing, followed by a photo shoot where all photographers were treated to shooting side by side with Jose in a beautiful location during the “magic hour”. All the photographers at the workshop took turns shooting very photogenic models in a perfect situation. Click here to see some of the photos I took. If you like the look of the photos it’s mostly because I shot them at the right time of the day. A big part of Jose’s success is that he fights hard to insure that the timing of the day is centered around photographing during the best light. The other part of his success is that he is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. The make up was done by Mar at TEAM and Flowers by Renae's Bouquet