Lifestyle • Married 45 Years

I was down at the folks' house, the beautiful house I grew up in, in June for a family reunion. Mom asked if I would "take a photo" for them for their forty fifth anniversary. I ended up photographing them over the course of a day, some formal, some casual. Hopefully we have one photo we can put in a nice frame. They really have built a paradise for themselves over the past thirty years. The homestead is beautiful. Click here to see more photos from the photo session.

Kids • Dora & Dan • Maternity

I photographed Dan and Dora's wedding about a year ago and wouldn't you know it, they are expecting their first baby any day now. They asked if I would document the baby over the next year and I was honored. My wife and I shot these last week and Dora ended up having the baby a few days later. I'm excited to shoot the newborn over the next week or so. Click here to see what we've done so far... Update: Dan and Dora had a beautiful baby girl. Click here to see the shots I took a few weeks later.