IOWANS is an ongoing project for an upcoming exhibit. I have been asking people who I know, sort of know, or don't know at all to participate. All photographs are taken at my studio in downtown Iowa City. If I have handed you a card directing you to this page, I'd like to include you in this project. The details: You will receive copies of the photos with full printing and sharing rights, printable up to 4x6 inches. I retain rights full rights to use the images for my upcoming exhibit and website. If I use your image I will NOT include your last name and I will not tag you on Facebook. Email me from the contact link on the upper left of this page.

iowa_city_portraits_0008 iowa_city_portraits_0009 iowa_city_portraits_0010 iowa_city_portraits_0011 iowa_city_portraits_0012 iowa_city_portraits_0013 iowa_city_portraits_0014 iowa_city_portraits_0015 iowa_city_portraits_0016 iowa_city_portraits_0017 iowa_city_portraits_0018 iowa_city_portraits_0019 iowa_city_portraits_0020 iowa_city_portraits_0021 iowa_city_portraits_0022 iowa_city_portraits_0023 iowa_city_portraits_0024 iowa_city_portraits_0025