My Life in a Nutshell

I was honored to be recently featured on Matter Observed. The video above was filmed to accompany the feature, which you can see here. Thanks to Nathaniel Ross!


Frank Mercurio Exhibits

I've had the pleasure of working with independent gallery exhibit curator Frank Mercurio on a few projects at the Chicago Architecture Foundation and this latest gig at The Newberry Library. Click here to see more.



The last roll of Kodachrome will be processed on December 30th in Parsons, Kansas. As we speak, I am spending some off season down time digitally scanning a few thousand Kodachrome slides for my Mother in Law. Taken at least 40 years ago by both my wife's Father Al and her Grandfather Henry, these slides are still in amazing condition. The color is beautiful. There will never be anything quite like it again. Click here to see Henry's slides from his world wide mountain expeditions (including some glaciers that are probably history) and Al's family photos in Greece, Mexico and elsewhere.


Wedding • What One Roll of Film Looks Like

A lost art in digital photography is the need for a film photographer to time his or her shots so that one doesn't have to change film rolls in the middle of the action. I knew this event was about to happen, so I ensured my Leica had a fresh roll of 36 exposure Tri-x ready to go. I really enjoyed seeing this roll after I developed it as it tells the whole story in 36 frames. The first two and the last two shots could have been done with one shot, but hindsight is 20/20. Out of all of these I could narrow it down to four or five shots in the final presentation, but it's nice to see them all in sequence. The roll was shot with a Leica MP with a motor winder and a fixed lens. I especially enjoyed this couple, by the way, and maybe made some new friends. Click here to see one roll or Tri-x.

Lifestyle • Married 45 Years

I was down at the folks' house, the beautiful house I grew up in, in June for a family reunion. Mom asked if I would "take a photo" for them for their forty fifth anniversary. I ended up photographing them over the course of a day, some formal, some casual. Hopefully we have one photo we can put in a nice frame. They really have built a paradise for themselves over the past thirty years. The homestead is beautiful. Click here to see more photos from the photo session.

Higgins Glass Shoot for Architectural Digest Magazine

I was recently commissioned by Art Glass pioneers Higgins Glass Studio to photograph some work for Architectural Digest Magazine's December issue. I'll also be photographing several on site installations over the next several months. Higgins Glass is considered one of the best and earliest examples of the Art Glass movement. My wife and I own several pieces, our favorite being the Eames era Rondelays, as pictured here. Click here to see more photos.