Wedding • Jena & Jason • Chicago's Little Lady Boat • Chicago

I had a blast getting to know Jena and Jason as I photographed this fun wedding a few weeks ago. We hung out at the Hyatt Regency, then walked around Wacker Drive for some portraits before heading down the street to board a boat. I loved photographing this ceremony on the Chicago River at about fifteen minutes past sunset with just a hint of remaining sunlight left. I spent most of the evening after the ceremony shooting the guests with my Polaroid 195 land camera and we displayed them as they were taken for the guests to enjoy.

Polaroid 195 Land Camera

I've been messing around with my vintage Polaroid 195 Land Camera over the past few weeks. It's big, clumsy, the rangefinder is sloppy, no light meter. I love it. With a Polaroid, it's not so much about exposing a negative as it is making a print, which means you really have to nail the exposure if you want the print to look good. Fuji is making peel back Polaroid pack film that surpasses the old Polaroid stuff by leaps and bounds. Click here to see some recent Polaroids.

In the Studio with Eliza Rickman

I just spent a week recording and mixing a record my friend Mark Greenberg is producing with California singer / songwriter Eliza Rickman. It was a great time. I shot a roll of black and white Tri-x pushed a couple of stops in the studio. I was anxious to try out the brand new Portra 400 film that Kodak has just introduced, so I persuaded Eliza to do a quick shoot on the roof at one hour and fifteen minutes before sunset. Click here to see. The new Portra is amazing, by the way...