Engagement • Dustin & Kate • Revolution Brewing Company • Chicago

Dustin and I have at least two things in common: we both LOVE photography and we both HATE being photographed, so I took this one as a challenge. Dustin and Kate met in a bar and wanted to do their pre wedding shoot at a bar in Wheaton. I just photographed a wedding at Revolution Brewing Company and noticed that the bar had a perfect blend of window light at about 5:15pm, so I suggested we do the shoot at said location. The owners even let me behind the bar for a few shots. I brought my wife along to distract Dustin and Kate in conversation to get the non posed and natural approach they were looking for. We also had fun doing a few rainy day shots outside of Revolution.

In the Studio with Eliza Rickman

I just spent a week recording and mixing a record my friend Mark Greenberg is producing with California singer / songwriter Eliza Rickman. It was a great time. I shot a roll of black and white Tri-x pushed a couple of stops in the studio. I was anxious to try out the brand new Portra 400 film that Kodak has just introduced, so I persuaded Eliza to do a quick shoot on the roof at one hour and fifteen minutes before sunset. Click here to see. The new Portra is amazing, by the way...