Tim and Candida • Leaf Kitchen Parking Lot • Iowa City, IA

Meeting amazing people like Tim and Candida is the best thing about my new adopted town of Iowa City. Tim is a visual artist who just happens to have a six page spread in the latest issue of Raw Vision and Candida is a book and paper artist who once traveled on a two person boat with a friend down the entire Mississippi River performing shadow puppet shows.

This was an impromptu portrait session and the first in a new series I'm calling "Anywhere, Anytime in Ten Minutes". All photos were taken around 12 Noon in the parking lot of Leaf Kitchen, which is my new fave restaurant in Iowa City. The idea with this series is that any location at any time of the day can reveal itself as suitable for portraits, and if I can't make a few decent photographs in ten minutes then I should probably find a new line of work... Thanks to Tim and Candida for participating in this spontaneous photo session after a wonderful breakfast and conversation.