Cahokia, Jackson Park, Riverside and Berwyn, IL

The four images below will be included in the upcoming exhibit Genius Loci: Learning from Nature’s Muse, an exhibition sponsored by the Friends of Ryerson Woods (FRW) and curated by Franck Mercurio, independent arts consultant, curator, and writer. The exhibition opens Sunday, July 8, 2012 and closes Friday, August 31, 2012. The venue is Brushwood, a historic home located on the property of the Edward L. Ryerson Conservation Area (a.k.a. Ryerson Woods) near Deerfield, Illinois. Click here for more information.

Paris and a Leica

Part two of a four part series on Paris. Photographed on a Leica MP, mostly with a 50mm lens and Tri-x, with occasional diversions into a 21mm lens and Portra 400 film. Part one with Paris Polaroids can be found here. Next post will be Paris through a Contax 645 and Portra 400 film.