Wedding • What One Roll of Film Looks Like

A lost art in digital photography is the need for a film photographer to time his or her shots so that one doesn't have to change film rolls in the middle of the action. I knew this event was about to happen, so I ensured my Leica had a fresh roll of 36 exposure Tri-x ready to go. I really enjoyed seeing this roll after I developed it as it tells the whole story in 36 frames. The first two and the last two shots could have been done with one shot, but hindsight is 20/20. Out of all of these I could narrow it down to four or five shots in the final presentation, but it's nice to see them all in sequence. The roll was shot with a Leica MP with a motor winder and a fixed lens. I especially enjoyed this couple, by the way, and maybe made some new friends. Click here to see one roll or Tri-x.